A Gift Idea For the Republican In Your Life

Regan and I went to a church rummage sale on Thursday.  These things are always a big mess with items piled all over the tables and elderly people sharpening their elbows to jostle each other for the best position.

There wasn’t much of value there at all, but I did find this awesome Ronald Reagan t-shirt from the Star Wars era talks at the height of the cold war:


I’m guessing that Rambo must have come out around the same time.  I can’t say that I understand the infatuation with this guy, but the shirt is pretty damn cool.  It might make a great Father’s Day gift as well.

This was the same sale that I found this ‘Jesus not for sale’ statue:

If you have interest in this item before it goes up on my Etsy shop This Charming Man Cave, hit me up in the comments section or send me a conversation.



You can now find the Reagan as Rambo shirt for sale here.


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