The Beauty of the Bag Sale

Some of my greatest finds have been on the last day of estate and book sales.

Everything you can fit in a grocery bag for $5.  There’s been numerous book sales where I go home with fifty or more books per bag.  That’s maybe 10 cents a book.  At that price I always make the money back.

Most of the books go up on my account, some of the vintage books end up on Etsy, and everything else gets sold to Half Price Books.  It’s a hell of a deal.  In the last week I sold a book for $175 that I only paid a quarter for!

We’ve found several estate sales that do the same thing.

A lot of people go to these sales for the big-ticket items, but the smalls are where I’ve made the most for my money.  Just one item out of a $5 bag can sell for well past that.  Vintage cameras, clothes, pictures, bookends … anything you can stuff into that bag.  This is where space management comes in handy.

These are the things that get me through the winter months as a seller, but the thrill of the find is what motivates me the most.


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