Euro 2012

My favorite sport is soccer (as we Americans call it) or football (as it’s known everywhere else).  I’m usually content watching the Barclay’s English Premier League and the Champions League, but this year Euro 2012 is on.  All the best countries in Europe compete in a tournament very much like the World Cup.  I thought I would show some of the best Euro 2012 gift ideas on Etsy.

From Vinylium on Etsy.

This is a great shirt with the tournament logo on it.  It can be found here: Vinylium.

The group stages of the tournament just wrapped up yesterday with the top 2 teams in each group moving to the knockout stage.

Tomorrow the first knockout stage match starts with the Czech Republic vs. Portugal.

Anyone that watches soccer (football) knows Cristiano Renaldo to be one of the best players in the world, who is also capable of a gold medal in diving.  I kid.  He has some of the best footwork outside of Lionel Messi.

From Casadart on Etsy.

This wonderful vinyl wall decal can be found here: Casadart.

The team that is favored to win the whole tournament is Spain.  They won the World Cup last time it was played, and they’re packed with great players.  But to be honest, I’d like to see them lose.

This Fabregas shirt can be found at MysteriousMan on Etsy.

This Spain team/Fabregas shirt can be found here: MysteriousMan.

My two personal favorite teams are England and Germany.  England is a team filled with a lot of potential.  Unfortunately at the national level they have a tendency to disappoint and underperform.  Nevertheless I still cheer them on “Three Lions on the shirt …”

The England pillow can be found at clairescraftycrafts on Etsy.

This England pillow can be found here:  Clairescraftycrafts.

Germany is the team I’d put my money on.  They are fantastic and have two of my favorite players, Mesut Özil and the goal keeper Manuel Neuer.  I personally would like to see Germany and Spain in the finals.

Germany earrings can be found at Nickelart on Etsy.

These German flag earrings can be found here: Nickelart.

One of the better things I found when I searched Etsy for Euro 2012 was this France iphone cover.  I don’t think they have a fighting chance in this tournament, unless that fight takes place in their own locker room since they play Spain next.

Iphone cover can be found at Stabbersshop on Etsy.

You can find this and other Euro 2012 related iphone cases here: Stabbersshop.

If you are a soccer (football) fan like me, the Olympics are just around the corner, and then the Premier League begins again in September.  It’s a great year to be a fan.



  1. nickelart · · Reply

    Thank you so much for including my GERMAN earrings!!!!!!!!!
    Great EURO 2012 blog!!!


    1. I hope they win the whole thing Katja. I’m a huge fan of the German side ever since the last World Cup.

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