Salt and Pepper Shaker Heaven (Or Hell?)

Regan and I go to a lot of estate sales to try and find all of the goodies we end up selling on our Etsy sites.

This one sale in particular was a surprise. When we went inside we found shelves and shelves stuffed full of salt and pepper shakers. They filled almost three rooms, and according to one of the workers, they had already sold half of the collection.


Regan examines just a tiny sliver of the collection.

I’m not sure what you call a salt and pepper shaker hoarder.  Maybe a seasoned pack rat? (bad pun intended)


This is the view down one room full of the collection. I think everyone was baffled by the shear size of it.

We ended up finding a few things to bring home that will make it onto our sites soon.  My highlight was finding a collection of PBR patches and a set of Pabst Blue Ribbon salt and pepper shakers that I need to clean up and photograph.

Here is just one of the several patches I purchased.


The patches are already up on This Charming Man Cave right now.


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