Breaking Bad

I love stories, so I love modern television.  There’s just something about the way they can really get deep into their characters that film just can’t compete with.  Serialized shows are especially attractive to me, and lately hands down the best written show on television has been Breaking Bad.

Walter, Jesse, Mike, Gus, and Hank are just a few of the outstanding characters on the show.  If you haven’t seen it, pull your head out of the sand already!  You’re missing out on the best that television has to offer.

Vince Gilligan has created an amazingly deep and textured world where a high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer decides to cook meth so that he can leave his family with some money after he dies.  If only it were that simple.  Vince Gilligan likes to say that we’re watching Mr. Chips turn into Scarface.  There are so many amazing plot twists that I feel like an addict after each show ends, waiting for my next fix.

The latest season just came to an end last Sunday.  It’s now a one year wait for the final 8 episodes.  It’s not fair, I want my fix now.  Sadly I’ll have to be patient, take deep breaths and wait, wait, wait.

In the meantime, I’ve found some great Breaking Bad style items on Etsy that may tide us over until the next episode airs.

Walter White changes his persona from a chemistry teacher to a drug dealer he calls Heisenberg with the help of a pork pie hat and a pair of sunglasses.  I found this great pork pie hat at RaleighVintage.

Pork Pie Hat from Raleigh Vintage at

One of the key components of Walter Whites special blue meth is a chemical called methylamine.  When they would steal it from a warehouse, it would come in barrels with a bee design on it.  This Heisenberg Industries shirt may be my favorite of the bunch (I bought one for myself) and it comes from Goodness Clothing.

Heisenberg Industries shirt from Goodness Clothing at

Walter has transformed into a monster over the past five seasons.  Nothing captures the creeping look of evil in his eyes like this portrait by The Gryllus.

Walter White portrait by The Gryllus at

What would a fix be without some of that 99.1% pure blue meth that he’s famous for?  I can’t fathom starting an expensive habit like that, but Los Pulgas Hermanos is selling some blue rock candy that looks just as good.  Let’s face it, a trip to the dentist is better than a trip to the morgue.

Blue meth rock candy from Los Pulgas Hermanos at

That should tide us all over until the rest of the series airs.  If it’s not enough you can always watch the entire series all over again.


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