Where Does the Time Go?

All of a sudden it’s summer, though someone should tell mother nature, and summer means garage sales.  It’s where all of the best items I find come from, and sadly it’s a short season here in Minnesota.  It’s been raining everyday for almost a month, which has shortened the season even more.  Seattle can go ahead and take their rainy weather back anytime.  Seriously, we don’t want it.

Without garage sales, I’m left scouring estate sales, friends of the library sales, and church rummage sales.  There’s so much to do and so little time.  Blink, and it’s winter again.  I’m trying to savor every minute, find all the good stuff, so I can keep my little store running for another year.

Wish me luck 😉


In the meantime, here are a couple of great little items I’ve just put in my store:

Classic Marianne Faithfull Album

Classic Marianne Faithfull Album


Or this great little item for Father’s Day:

Vintage Wales Cigarette Lighter

Vintage Wales Cigarette Lighter



One comment

  1. It’s raining here in Maryland, too. I make the quilts and blankets for my Etsy shop in the summer but with the kids home and no school, finding time to make enough inventory is my summer challenge. I hope you score some great sales this season, and thanks for sharing:)

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