This Weeks Estate Sale Finds – 11/3

I haven’t had as much time to as I’d like to spend my weekends picking and searching through the estate sales in Minneapolis as I’d like lately.  I ended up having a two-hour window on Saturday, so Regan and I headed out and hit 3 estate sales before we both had to go to work.

I was super excited by the only thing I found at the first sale:

I love Kraftwerk, they’re basically one of the pioneers of electronic music, so I was surprised to find this record sitting all alone on a table.  It was the only record at the whole place, and it the condition was fantastic, so I snatched it up.  You can find more vintage record in my shipping by clicking here: Vintage Records.

The Kraftwerk album is up for sale here: Kraftwerk – Computer World

Here’s a little clip of them playing live at the Tate Museum of Modern Art:

There also wasn’t much else to see at the second place we went to.  It had very little vintage items other than Elvis records they wanted way too much for.  I popped into the garage as a last resort and found this:

Shakespeare Direct Drive Vintage Fishing Reel

Vintage Shakespeare Direct Drive Fishing Reel With Bakelite Handles

This gorgeous vintage fishing reel from Shakespeare was attached to a small ice fishing rod.  These kind of reels have proven to be popular on my Etsy shop, so I happily grabbed it.  They make great decor pieces or since it is still in working condition, take it fishing.  You can find more vintage fishing items in my shop here: Vintage Fishing.

The third and final place we stopped at was probably my favorite.  I found a bunch of great things, but I’ll show you two of the highlights:

The Works of Theodore Roosevelt - 20 Volume set - Scribners 1926

The Works of Theodore Roosevelt 20 Volume Set – Scribners 1926

This is just 4 volumes of the 20 volume set of The Works of Theodore Roosevelt that I found.  They were published by Scribners in 1926, are the National Edition, and feature nice brown and gold covers.  The set is in fantastic condition.  I kind of want to read some of the volumes myself before I sell it.  They deal with everything from his childhood, the Rough Riders, and his presidency.  You can find more vintage books in my shop by going here: Vintage Books.

Here’s the other piece I really like:

Vintage Scout Knife - Pocket Knife

Vintage Scout Knife – Pocket Knife

This fantastic vintage pocket knife reminds me of a Wes Anderson film.  The knife has a nice wood grain and metal body, and features 4 blade options.  My dad had a little pocket knife like this when I was a kid.  You can find it here: Scout Knife.  Find more vintage camping items here: Vintage Camping.

I haven’t had a chance to get these up in the shop yet, but they are coming soon.  If there’s something that catches your eye and you can’t wait for it, contact me through my etsy site and I can make sure you get it.


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