New Treasured Find – Emitt Rhodes S/T LP – 1970

Last weekend I had the car on a Saturday to myself.  This is a rarity, as my wife and I share a vehicle.  I took the opportunity to travel farther north than I normally would in search of items to sell in my shop.  The estate sale listing promised a manly sale, and amongst all the ruggedness I saw a photo with boxes of records in them featuring a Kinks album in the front position.  That’s what really got me.

As for the manly part, I did find some great antler sets that I picked up, but by the time I found the sale the Kinks record was long gone.  I was disappointed as I began going through the records, but that all changed when my first find was this:

Emitt Rhodes S/T - 1970 Dunhill Records DS 50089

Emitt Rhodes S/T – 1970 Dunhill Records DS 50089

I’ve loved this album ever since I was introduced to the Emitt Rhodes song Lullaby in The Royal Tenenbaums:


I’ve never actually seen this anywhere as an LP before, and it looked like it had never even been played before.  The cover and the record are both in mint condition:

Looks like it's never been played.

Looks like it’s never been played.

My favorite thing about this record, and though it’s hard to see, is that scratched into the vinyl is a decorative piece by the label that reads: Recorded at home.

"Recorded at home"

“Recorded at home”

Emitt Rhodes did indeed record this entire album himself in his garage, playing every instrument and writing every song.  He sounds like a one man Beatles.  I almost never keep anything for myself when I buy vintage, but this one is staying in my personal collection.

It wasn’t much longer until I kept pulling some great records.  I found his second album “Mirror”, Tim Buckley’s Star Sailor, Hot Tuna, Pentangle, Fleetwood Mac’s Kiln House, and The Faces.

All in all, not a bad sale.


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