I grew up in a very conservative home. How conservative?  One day I went across the street to my neighbor’s house and they were playing a game.  It was called Dungeons and Dragons.  They helped me build a character, got me excited about playing along with them, but when I got home and told my parents about it … no dice.  They made me throw away my character sheet I’d spent the day making.  Evidently our church had deemed Dungeons and Dragons to be satanic.

That was the end of that.  It’s sad too, since I had always retreated into Narnia and Middle Earth when I was a kid.  My science fiction and fantasy books were a safe haven that I spent a lot of time in.  Hell, still do.  I never got a chance to play, and I’ve always sort of wished I had.  I know, a lot of people may think it’s a nerdy pursuit, but I find myself intrigued by it and now feel nearly too old to start out.

These feelings were dredged back up when I went to an estate sale and found a set of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books in pristine condition.

Set of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Books

Set of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Books

Here they were, all of the rules and guide books for playing.  The only thing I was missing was somebody to show me how to play.  All five of the books looked as if they had just sat on a shelf for 35 years untouched.

I have these books up in my Etsy store:
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual (TSR – 2009)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook (TSR – 2010)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide (TSR – 2011)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Fiend Folio (TSR – 2012)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Deities and Demigods (TSR – 2013)

I’m looking for a good home for these, preferably a collector.  But if anyone knows a group of friendly and patient Dungeons and Dragons players willing to teach a newbie the ropes in the Minneapolis area, drop me a line.


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