Farewell FP Treasury

There’s been some changes in Etsy land as of late.  If you are a seller there, you know that they’re constantly tinkering with the site and most likely, trying your patience.  It’s the ups and downs of putting all of your eggs in one basket that has a lot of us in a tizzy.

The latest change was announced last week.  Etsy will no longer feature curated treasuries on the FP anymore.  In its place will now be a feed meant to resemble your likes and interests in a design lifted from Pinterest.  Unlike Pinterest though, they lack the actual ability and algorithms to tailor to your own interests in an exacting way.  If Pinterest ever allowed us to sell our vintage or handmade items through them they could easily take a huge chunk of Etsy’s market share.

Having just spent the last 3 years on various treasury teams cranking out 25 – 30 treasuries a month, all I have to say is … thank God!  In all the time I spent churning out these time-consuming works of art, I maybe had less than 6 ever get to the actual front page.  Here was my first:

My first FP Treasury

My first FP Treasury

Lately it’s seemed like too much work for too little payoff.  On the bright side, this change will give a lot of us on Etsy the push toward diversifying how me promote ourselves.  It’s time to get creative people!


Let me know how you plan on dealing with the changes.


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