Billy Idol and The Lady From Shanghai

It’s been awhile since I remember hearing anything new musically from Billy Idol, so I was pleasantly surprised when his new single “Can’t Break Me Down” started getting airtime on a local radio station.  It’s a great little song, perhaps a bit more poppy than usual, but a nice catchy song never-the-less.

I wanted to play it for my boss, which was when I came across the music video:

I watched it all the way through.  At the 2.55 point I noticed a mirror sequence which was clearly an homage to the Orson Welles film The Lady From Shanghai.  On second viewing I realized the entire music video is a tip of the hat to Welle’s classic film with Idol playing the Orson Welles part of a love triangle.

It’s a really nicely done music video that was directed by Jason Trucco.  The original sequence was a piece of genius cinematography imagined by Welles and made real by the efforts of both Charles Laughton Jr. and Rudolph Mate.

Here’s the original mirror sequence from The Lady From Shanghai below:


Do yourself a favor and check out the classic Orson Welles film.  While you’re at it, some new Billy Idol music never hurt anyone either.


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