Monthly Archives: January 2015

What Does the Impending Etsy IPO Mean For Sellers?

Here is what we’ve all been expecting … Etsy is going to do an initial public offering of their stock sometime this year.  Not a big surprise, there’s been rumblings about this for some time.  But what does it mean for me as a seller? There’s been something profoundly disturbing by the actions of Etsy […]

Modest Mouse “Coyotes”

It has been way too long since Modest Mouse put out a new record.  Thankfully Strangers To Ourselves comes out March 3, but until then a new video for the song Coyote has been released.  It will have to tide us over for the next month and a half. Check it out below:

Why I Deleted My Facebook Business Page

You heard me right, I deleted my business’s Facebook page.  I’m sure some people think this is absolutely crazy, since in the past Facebook has been a great way for small business’s to reach their followers.  Not so any more. The people over at Facebook have made changes to the way business owners are able […]