A Bunch Of Classic SciFi Books From Today’s Pick

One of my favorite places to find great vintage books, are friends of the library sales.  Winter is kind of a dead time of year when it comes to book sales, which just leaves me with local estate sales, which can be really sparse in the book department.

It’s odd to have a sale on a Monday afternoon, but thankfully Monday’s are my day off, so Regan and I drove over to the library.  There was already a line when we got there, and we were probably the youngest people there by at least 25 years.  I’ll let you in on a secret, most people totally ignore the vintage books.  They either want new shiny books they can sell on Amazon, or they are looking for mystery books on a list of their favorite authors they haven’t read yet.  They skip right over all of the great stuff I’m looking for.

Today I found a nice little collection of SciFi books from Tolkien, Herbert, and Asimov:

Tolkien, Herbert, and Asimov

Tolkien, Herbert, and Asimov

I almost want to keep some of these for myself … but you’ll be able to find them all on This Charming Man Cave in no time.


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