About Me

Vintage Goods For Any Man Cave

From the moment I got my hands on my father’s record collection, I was hooked on vintage. Not just the sounds, but the clothes and the look, and once I got a place of my own, the decor.For a long time I was a collector, but with a little nudge from my wife, I’ve become a curator and sharer of these vintage treasures. That’s when the idea for This Charming Man Cave was born.




  1. Alex Asselin · · Reply

    yes my name is Alex Asselin.. I find y’all online.. I own 850 Pickers in Milton,Fl.. I buy storage units and resale. I came across about 6 boxes of salt and pepper shakers.. lot came from Japan and the USA.. would y’all be interest it in buying them? If so call me at 850-382-3793 or email alex_roevilleauto@yahoo.com

    1. Appreciate you reaching out to me, but I don’t by any means specialize in salt and pepper shakers. I just happened upon an estate sale of a SnP Shaker hoarder and wrote about it. Happy Picking 😉

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