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Sandman #75 2nd Printing

An illusive comic book found while picking through a Half Price Books.


5 Year Anniversary of This Charming Man Cave

I can’t believe it’s already been five years since I started selling vintage goods as This Charming Man Cave.  Time really flies these days, and sometimes things get left in the dust, like this blog.  I always meant to do more with it, but I have a stockroom full of items that need to be […]

Junk In Our Trunk Show

If you live near or around Minneapolis this weekend and are looking for some last minute Christmas gifts, come check out the trunk Show Regan’s Brain and This Charming Man Cave are having on Saturday Dec. 19th from 11am to 6pm.  You’ll find some deep discounts on items in my shop as well as a […]

Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe

I’ve been a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune for a long time.  I haven’t ventured past the original trilogy, but from what I hear, that’s just fine by me.  I even love the David Lynch film for the way it looks and feels.  It never bothered me that it doesn’t adhere to the books. […]

Depop – What Is It? How Does It Work?

Everyone I know who sells on Etsy has been looking for an alternate marketplace.  With all of the changes (many for the worse) going on since Etsy began gearing up for their IPO, a lot of sellers have been left in the lurch.  Most of the alternatives people have tried (Aftcra, Artier, BigCartel, etc.) don’t […]

New Finds July 3 – 5th

It was a pretty slow weekend since it was a holiday, but I did find a couple of fun things I thought I would share with you. Philip K Dick is one of my favorite writers, so I was excited to find this: If you are a fan of Star Trek or television writing, this […]

New Finds June 27th and 28th

I thought it may be nice to post items I’ve picked up that’ll be coming to the shop soon.  The fun part of running my shop, This Charming Man Cave, is the hunt for new items.  It takes self control to not just buy things to keep for myself, but to buy things I think […]