Are you like me?  Do you spend hours organizing one day, only for everything to become untidy again weeks later?  Some say a cluttered desk and office is a sign of a creative mind, others say the opposite, but I prefer the creative explanation.  Once again I’ve been tidying up. My dad built some great […]

One of my favorite places to find great vintage books, are friends of the library sales.  Winter is kind of a dead time of year when it comes to book sales, which just leaves me with local estate sales, which can be really sparse in the book department. It’s odd to have a sale on […]

Here is what we’ve all been expecting … Etsy is going to do an initial public offering of their stock sometime this year.  Not a big surprise, there’s been rumblings about this for some time.  But what does it mean for me as a seller? There’s been something profoundly disturbing by the actions of Etsy […]

It has been way too long since Modest Mouse put out a new record.  Thankfully Strangers To Ourselves comes out March 3, but until then a new video for the song Coyote has been released.  It will have to tide us over for the next month and a half. Check it out below:

You heard me right, I deleted my business’s Facebook page.  I’m sure some people think this is absolutely crazy, since in the past Facebook has been a great way for small business’s to reach their followers.  Not so any more. The people over at Facebook have made changes to the way business owners are able […]

It’s been awhile since I remember hearing anything new musically from Billy Idol, so I was pleasantly surprised when his new single “Can’t Break Me Down” started getting airtime on a local radio station.  It’s a great little song, perhaps a bit more poppy than usual, but a nice catchy song never-the-less. I wanted to […]

These are photos of my holiday emailer. (If anyone knows an easier way to upload a mailchimp campaign to a wordpress blog pless drop me a line) Use the coupon code: THANKYOU2014 to get 20% off of your order. You can check out what’s new in my shop here: This Charming Man Cave And check […]